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Film Production

We specialise in creating corporate videos, training and instructional videos, TV commercials, short films and music videos.

We have all the equipment
required to film; multiple cameras, dollys, jibs, gimbals, drones and lights galore and of course we also have a team of sound recordists as part of the business.

We can film on land, up in the air or under the sea

The possibilities are endless

Here are some examples of
what we have worked on.

M&Ms and Melbourne International Comedy Festival

DOP (Guests): Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Late Nite Films

Mondo and Deakin University

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Sam O'Reilly

Mondo and Christian College Geelong

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Sam O'Reilly

Melbourne COLOR RUN

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Sam O'Reilly

Magnum Icecreams/Urbanlist

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Shan Devendran

Car Advice/ Alfa Romeo

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: NB Content

The Project Kitty Flanagan

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: The Project

Comedy Central, Hipster Bingo
Director/Producer: Sam O'Reilly

Camera: Adam Perry and Ash Koek

Editing: Comedy Central

Kinfolk Cafe

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Jasmine Chan Kinfolk Cafe


DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Ash Koek

NDIS Ability Festival

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: NDIS


VCOSS Centrelink

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: VCOSS

NDIS Valid Having a say conference

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: NDIS

Deakin University Residence O'Week

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Chloe Aitken 

Business Chicks Luncheon for Lumapixel

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Lumapixel

Case Study for Blueboat

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Blueboat

Hiding in plain site

DOP: Sam O'Reilly, 

Editing: Aaron Carroll

E-Stralian E Bike Leasing Employers

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Sam O'Reilly

E-Stralian E Bike Leasing Employees

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Sam O'Reilly

Deakin University Open Day

DOP: Sam O'Reilly

Editing: Sam O'Reilly

Short Films

Turning Point

2017 Entry into Melbourne 48Hr Film Project

DOP and Director Sam O'Reilly, Editor Dan Murphy

Bound for Success (48hr Film Project 2014)

DOP: Sam O'Reilly, Dan Murphy

Life or Death (Good Game ABC3)

Music Videos

Brooklyn's Finest won the 2016 PBS Radiofestival Prize of a music video from Samurai AV. Shot at the Workers Club Hotel in Brunswick.

Dave Holmes Gang the winner of the 2016 RRR Band Prize from Samurai AV. A music video Produced by Samurai AV.

Matthew Horsley the winner of the 2015 PBS Radiofest Band Prize from Samurai AV. A music video shot and edited by Samurai AV. Playing the Uillean pipes or the Irish Bagpipes


Scott & Sarah's Slow Mo Booth

DOP: Rhys Clarke

Editing: Abbie Pobjoy

James & Annaleise's Wedding

DOP & Editing: Sam O'Reilly

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