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Samurai AV have teamed up with Trace Cable Cam to deliver aerial footage that is both safe and legal where drone footage falls short. 

With the Defy Cadence sled, our Ronin 2 gimbal with wireless control, wireless follow focus and wireless video transmission we can shoot over crowds, inside buildings and in no flight zones. 

We can shoot on either our Canon C200, 5DMkIV or whatever camera you like. 

The sled can handle loads up to 18kgs and it can travel up to 50 kms per hour along its 200m rope.

The Ronin 2 has a Pan axis control: 360° continuous rotation, Tilt axis control: ±135° and Roll axis control: ±220° and combined with the DJI Force Pro it can be fully controlled like a camera on a fluid head tripod, or a POV camera.

Trace Cable Cam have qualified riggers who can have this installed in mere minutes where other systems can take hours or even days to rig. 

This is the perfect combination for sporting events, music festivals and film shoots

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